When You Lie Through Your Teeth

Why do you choose to lie through your teeth? When you do so, you kill yourself slowly but surely. You are a soul and you can destroy your soul and contribute to the destruction of other souls. If you refuse to realise that, you are lying to yourself. What would make you change that? When it’s too late to change?

When we lie, we not only make life more complicated. We are getting further and further from the truth, the big T Truth. This is missing the goal and leading to other goal missing thoughts and deeds. We were not created to live in layers of lies or even one only lie.

Do we understand what this does to our inner self? We are souls and we can not keep on living to die two times. One time physically and then one time spiritually also. We are supposed to be holy before we die. We can’t become holy after we’ve died.

If you are not interested in what matters the most, you are in fact getting yourself out of reach of the love of God. Do you really want to go that way and tell people that you meet them in hell when you get angry at them and really mean it subconsciously or consciously?

Don’t lie anymore and get used to get truthful and seek what is really the big T Truth so that you can be truthful in the truth of every day with yourself and anybody. Pray to God to show you how to make that become a reality.

Pray for me that I don’t lie even a little bit.

Read the Bible to understand it and live by what it teaches you about God.

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Ed Askmo

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