Collecting Meaningful Topics To Treat, Present And Make Developable!

It doesn’t really matter if you’re a collector or a hunter. Meaningful topics and themes are not a waste of time to get a hold of. You can evaluate, treat, present and make a topic developable for yourself and others. I would call that the open-source principle or a sharable growing resource open for participation if you prefer.

Topics that can help understand important matters are worth investing time and energy in. You meet people of good will hopefully and improve the presentation of a topic so that it can be presented in ways that reach the heart and minds of people.

For instance, if one tries to evaluate what helps people to want to get help with their undealt with frustrations that they get stuck in, they need examples of people who have already reached out for help and have been freed from their frustrations, hangs ups and so on.

If people don’t want to learn and then realise that many of their problems come from the fact that they don’t sufficiently or at all want to learn, one can try to give them a taste for learning to achieve som honourable goals in their lives.

Meaningful topics can be topics that help people want to share more about their experience of dealing with a chronic disease to be less impacted by its negative direct or side effects.

On or from this page/site we will try to evaluate, treat, present and make topics developable.

Ed Askmo

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